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CMA Dashboard is an exciting new concept in residential real estate comparative market analysis…the MarketCentric CMA. This MarketCentric approach has been undergoing development for the past 10 odd years, and has tested, failed, tested, failed, tested, succeeded at about that rate during the testing of the concept and the tool that today is We are proud to offer the concept and the tool to the Realtor® community.
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If you are one of the first two realtors from your MLS to contact CMADashboard and are willing to help us test with downloads from your MLS, you will receive 6 months of free access to the dashboard. Click here To Contact Us.
Sellers, Buyers and FSBOs
[In three weeks] we have used it for Sellers, (got two listings), Buyers (two Buyer’s under contract) and once with a FSBO. We got the Buyer’s side of the sale for the FSBO at a lower price than the asking price. The Seller immediately saw that his home was overpriced and after a brief negotiation we had an accepted offer. I think the thing that really turned the Seller’s around was the Days On Market for each of the five price scenarios. Not bad considering it took less than fifteen minutes to prepare the CMA using CMADashboard, forty-five minutes to prepare and sign the offer and less than one hour to present the CMA and the Buyer’s offer which required one small tweak in the price. Needless to say it was a very productive use of our time. Thanks for sharing your 10 years of work on CMADashboard with us.
Lee H.
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