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1. Who is for? is a residential real estate market analysis tool exclusively for residential real estate professionals.

2. What’s a CMA ?
Comparative Market Analysis or Competitive Market Analysis. You should know this if you are a REALTOR®. If you are not a REALTOR®, then you can learn more here.

3. OK I get the CMA part, but what’s up with “dashboard”?
Well you know that your dashboard on your car gives you lots of information about different parts of your car…speed, temperature, engine rpm, etc. gives you lots of information about different aspects of the local real estate market, and how a particular property fits into that market. Online dashboards are a relatively new internet phenomenon, and you can learn more about dashboarding by searching the term at any search engine.
In a nutshell, internet dashboarding is becoming a favorite way for corporate leaders to closely monitor multiple mission critical functions of their organization virtually real time. And now the real estate professional can have a similar tool to monitor the mission critical function of the markets they serve.

4. How is different than other CMA software?

5. seems like a great listing agent tool. Can it also be used for buyers? Absolutely.

6. How would the investor use

7. Does it really only take 10 minutes?

8. Why look at so many sales?

9. Is accurate?

10. Will always automatically choose the best comparable sales?